VMworld 2011–Las Vegas Edition

Another VMworld USA has come and gone and with it a TON of awesome memories and cool opportunities to learn.  This year was my first year to work along side our VMware brothers and sisters in the VMware Hands on Lab (HoL).  If you recall, the HoL was something I missed all together in 2010 […]

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How to recreate a VMware Workstation VMX file from scratch

This morning I was having some home desktop issues so as a good little Windows user I decided it might be time for a reboot.  I suspended a work Win7 VM in VMware Workstation and then went about powering down everything else.  Once my desktop rebooted I went to fire up my work Win7 VM […]

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The Great Scavenger vHunt at VMworld

One of the many things I enjoy about working here at EMC is the attention they pay to Social Media.  I’m a huge Social Media fan, especially the ability to push information (good/bad or indifferent) out for others to use.  As we get closer to VMworld, and shortly after, you will start to see this […]


vShield 5 issues with virtual vCenter

What started off as a good idea, quickly snowballed into my home lab being jacked up for about 3 weeks. I often refer to these things as “life lessons” and unfortunately I usually experience these things a lot.  I normally just chalk it up to my ADD and move on !!  Hopefully this blog post […]

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See I told you VMware wasn’t evil

Me being right doesn’t happen often (just ask my wife) but when it does, I like to make sure I point it out to people 🙂  If you go back a few weeks to VMware’s big vSphere 5 announcement you will recall that no matter how many awesome features and benefits they rolled out with […]

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Various info around deploying VDI

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of discussions with companies around Virtual Desktops (VDI) and these meetings usually fall into 2 types.   First type is “what is VDI” or “VDI Best Practices” and even sometimes it’s “Why VDI now” or VDI 101.  Normally this is an open discussion around why they are looking at […]

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VMware is not evil – my opinion on their new licensing model

What a WEEK!!!  VMware didn’t let us down with all the buildup they made to their big launch on Tuesday.  In the immortal words Chad Sakac – it was FACEMELTING AWESOMESAUCE.  I mentioned a few of my favorite things about vSphere 5 on this blog post.  The unfortunate side of the announcement was the reaction […]

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