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How to recreate a VMware Workstation VMX file from scratch

This morning I was having some home desktop issues so as a good little Windows user I decided it might be time for a reboot.  I suspended a work Win7 VM in VMware Workstation and then went about powering down everything else.  Once my desktop rebooted I went to fire up my work Win7 VM […]

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vShield 5 issues with virtual vCenter

What started off as a good idea, quickly snowballed into my home lab being jacked up for about 3 weeks. I often refer to these things as “life lessons” and unfortunately I usually experience these things a lot.  I normally just chalk it up to my ADD and move on !!  Hopefully this blog post […]

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Various info around deploying VDI

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of discussions with companies around Virtual Desktops (VDI) and these meetings usually fall into 2 types.   First type is “what is VDI” or “VDI Best Practices” and even sometimes it’s “Why VDI now” or VDI 101.  Normally this is an open discussion around why they are looking at […]

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VMware is not evil – my opinion on their new licensing model

What a WEEK!!!  VMware didn’t let us down with all the buildup they made to their big launch on Tuesday.  In the immortal words Chad Sakac – it was FACEMELTING AWESOMESAUCE.  I mentioned a few of my favorite things about vSphere 5 on this blog post.  The unfortunate side of the announcement was the reaction […]

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really cool things in vSphere5

Today with all the pomp and circumstance they rightly deserve VMware announced that vSphere 5 and all its wonderful glory will be “GA” (Generally Available) in August.  I thought I would write a short blog and call out some of the coolest features, at least to me, that will be in vSphere 5. First and […]

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Quick fix to an AD issue with a VM

 So I’ve never run into this in my home lab (yet), but I have run into this in our EMC Demo lab once. I decided that I should blog about it just in case someone else runs into this or even better, so I don’t’ forget 🙂  Here is the story: Someone in the lab cloned […]

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Adding iomega iSCSI to your home VMware Lab

  I just recently added a 2TB iomega ix2 “Cloud Edition” to my VMware Home Lab and have been pretty impressed with some of its upgrades.  As I noted in my last VMware Home Lab blog post I’ve been using another ix2 NFS for my datastores and have been wanting to add iSCSI to it the […]

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